Can I use Sclera Symbols?


Creative commons license

Creative Commons Licentie 2.0

Sclera symbols can be used for free, but are subject to a creative commons license. What does this entail? Can I use them for free?

You can use our symboles for free, but there are 2 conditions.


Creative commons attribute


If you use our symbols, you should refer to '' as source. We want others to be able to find their way to our symbols, so they can make their own aides.

We expect to be attributed in literature, publication, a thesis, ... We do not ask you to attribute us with every symbol you use in your living or class room!

Creative commons non commercial

Non commercial usage*

Sclera is powered solely by volunteers. These volunteers do not receive any kind of financial compensation or other for their work.

This does not mean you cannot use our symbols in your commercial project. It does however mean you will need our explicit consent. We give this consent by drafting an agreement, signed by both parties. In this agreement, we name some specific conditions. So please feel free to contact us with your proposals.